You’ve seen the movies: Full Metal Jacket, Platoon, Good Morning, Vietnam, Hamburger Hill… Now come and join in the action!
Huge effort goes into creating an immersive experience like no other for this long-running series. Bonus points for macho catch phrases and cigars!

Vietnam September – Return of the Boogie

Gunman Airsoft Eversley - Alpha Site Gunman Airsoft Eversley, The Welsh Dr, Hook, Hampshire

FilmSim Events in association with Gunman Airsoft proudly presents… June NAM - Return to Fort WIlliam. 3-4 September 2022 Operation Boogaloo pt 2 – ‘Return of the boogie’ Event History.. Location. South of the DMZ Camp Trent, Military Radio and communications Assets. Also the broadcasting location of the prestigious US 'Bang Bang' Radio Vietnam station.

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