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Our Themed Events are ticket only premium experiences which last for a full day or over two days. They are not intended as “walk-on” days and usually have costume/uniform, weapon and equipment restrictions which must be adhered to to assure an immersive experience for everyone.

Players are expected to wear the correct clothing, carry appropriate weapons and equipment as well as buying into the story and role-playing their character. Expect a lot less shooting than an open day skirmish – players are expected to work together, obey orders and rules of engagement and stay “on-mission”.

Engagements are usually fast and furious, with the preference being to break contact and rethink your approach rather than get involved in a sustained firefight with multiple casualties – grab your wounded and bug out!

If you are looking for a themed casual open day with lots of shooting, simple objectives, a lunch break, fast respawns and without strict loadout rules, then check out our sister company:

Still with us? Awesome! You’re about to enter a completely different world of airsoft and role-playing experiences.

FilmSim events were born from a love of films, computer games and Live Action Role-Play (LARP) events. Our specialist themed events are a mixture of role-play and airsoft which are designed to give the players the feeling of being a character in a film. To achieve this, we try to strike a balance between realism and fun which will be different for each type of event.

In most of our weekend events we go guns down in the evening with the option of night missions for those who want them, before resuming the following day. Players are encouraged to stay in character in the evening and camp in the game zone where possible.

Frequently asked questions

“I only have multicam and a tactical M4, is that OK?”

Oddly, we get asked this question a lot, even on WW1/WW2 themed events and we are genuinely confused at the thought process behind it. It’s a bit like asking if you can enter a superbike race on a scooter. Neither you nor the other players will get a quality, immersive experience and people will get grumpy.

We do appreciate that most people don’t happen to have period correct weapons and outfits kicking around, and are reluctant to spend a load of money without knowing whether they will enjoy it enough to do it again. To help with new players, we do have a large amount of suitable weapons to rent as well as free loan costume/uniforms. Please get in touch with us so we can help you out.

We are not looking for full historically accurate uniforms and weapons, however we expect something that doesn’t look obviously out of place for the period and scenario. Although a tricked-out M4 might be fine on a MilSim event if you’re playing a US special forces role, it would not be suitable if you were playing an Afgan tribesman for example.

“Why can’t I see a single day ticket option?”

We try where possible to make a single day option available on the Saturday. On a weekend themed event, there is usually a lot of extra setting up and breaking down to do, as we try and set dress to make the event more special. As a result, Sunday’s gameplay usually finishes at lunchtime to permit players to get packed up and away as well as for us to do the same.

The event always starts with a full safety and rules brief, followed by the backstory and then side-specific taskings. This can take some time and to re-do it all on the Sunday would eat into the shorter game time which we have available.

“What do I need to bring with me?”

This will vary for each event. Best bet is to ask for specifics if you’re not sure, but as a minimum, we recommend a tent or bivvi bag if you’re sleeping over (non-period/civvie tents can be pitched out of the game zone).

Bring plenty of rations or food which can be eaten cold or heated easily in-game as well as plenty of drinking water! Most of the sites we use do not have a drinking water supply, so you will need to bring your own. Obviously, don’t forget the usual airsoft stuff too.

FPS Limits

Our limits are based on the energy at the muzzle of the weapon. On site, we use high precision radar chronographs to measure your muzzle velocity using whatever weight BBs you will be using in the field, comparing the results to our conversion chart. This gives the best measure of how your gun will perform in the field as the energy levels at the muzzle can vary greatly with differing weights of BB.

Please note, these are upper limits that are not to be exceeded, we recommend that when setting up your weapon you aim for 10-20fps lower to avoid any problems. We have a responsibility to ensure safety, fairness and legal compliance, so will only accept readings from the site chrono on the day, no arguments.

1.13J (350fps with a 0.2g BB) – The majority of weapons including LMGs and pistols.
1.48J (400fps with a 0.2g BB) – DMR
2.31J (500fps with a 0.2g BB) – Sniper

Weapon class restrictions

DMR – Must be incapable of selecting burst or full-auto. Should be a longer barreled weapon with a magnified optic fitted. Cannot be used against targets closer than 30m – a sidearm MUST be carried. Single placed shots to be taken, shots should be allowed to impact before a follow up shot is made (no trigger spamming)

Sniper – Must be either bolt-action or semi-auto with a MOSFET 2 second delay between trigger pulls. Should be a long barreled weapon with a magnified optic fitted. Cannot be used against targets closer than 30m – a sidearm MUST be carried. Headshots are to be avoided wherever possible.

LMGs – Must be a proper LMG or MMG, not an assault rifle with a drum mag. Should be hip-fired or on a bipod or mount. Short bursts if aimed at someone, suppressive fire is ok if you’re waving it across an area. Avoid overkilling please!

TAG Launchers – We only permit the use of smoke or timed explosive rounds unless previously agreed with the organiser. Indirect fire only – it should be dropping on the target in a ballistic trajectory, not striking from the side.

40 Mike – Please discuss with us before attending the event. If used correctly they are safe and very effective; if used incorrectly they are devastatingly painful and can ruin someone’s weekend. They should only be used in a similar manner to TAG launchers, and only at range.

Remote explosives and trip wires – These may be used on most of our events as long as the charges are small (MKV equivalent max). Trip wires must be below knee height and not cause the victim to trip over. The charge must vent into the ground. Remote explosives may only be triggered if you can see the explosive and the target. Again, please check with us prior to attending as well as on the day so we can ensure that you comply with our safety rules and to allow us to mention it in our safety brief.

Anything else unusual! – Please discuss with us well in advance of the event. We usually reserve larger pyrotechnics for crew use only, both for safety reasons and to ensure that special effects remain special!

Conversion chart

Please note, all DMR weapons now have a minimum 30M engagement distance enforced.

FPS Conversion Chart for Chrono