As one of our longest-running themes, our 1980s Cold War series is hugely popular. Set in the UK in the mid 1980s, the War is cold no more and the Russians along with their WARPAC allies have begun an invasion on UK soil.

With the UK’s Skynet communication network compromised, small pockets of resistance have formed, cut off from command for extended periods, left to fend for themselves and defend what parts of the UK they can, with whatever resources they can muster.

1980s Cold War – Red Mist 32: End Game

Gunman Airsoft Eversley - Alpha Site Gunman Airsoft Eversley, The Welsh Dr, Hook, Hampshire

Gunman Airsoft and FilmSim Events proudly present... Red Mist 32 "End Game" - A Cold War story NEW DATE: 29th & 30th May 2021 NEW VENUE: Gunman Airsoft Eversley Alpha £75 secured by a £35 deposit for the weekend or £45 for the Saturday only with a £15 deposit. TICKETS FOR THIS EVENT ARE AVAILABLE