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Event Series Event Series: County Wars

County Wars 2 : Springs of Montana – Wild West Airsoft

05/02/2022 - 06/02/2022

£25.00 – £35.00
County Wars

Filmsim Events proudly present ‘County Wars 2’…

A Flying Lead inspired game.

£75 prebook with a £35 part payment with the balance to be paid on arrival

£45 Saturday only day ticket with a £25 part payment with the balance to be paid on arrival.

Non-booked spaces subject to availability are £85

15 Cowboys
15 Lawdogs
15 Mixicans

Event story. to be continued from pt1

So what’s County Wars all about then?

County wars is a non stop weekend or rootin, tootin airsoft set in the wild west.  We have chosen our game to be place around 1884 and will be set in different counties each game.  All players will be part of a gang or posse and have a camp or hide out somewhere on site.  The game is all about making money for the Boss, then pissing it up the saloon wall with whiskey and gambling in the evening.  The Boss is the chosen head of the gang.

The games won’t be historically accurate all the time but will feature historical things from funs.  Costume needs to be of a good standard and only Airsoft Guns and larp weapons are ok to use.


NO BLANKS unless worn for show and unloaded.  We can help out with clothing and have some revolvers we can lend out for £25 for the weekend.


Mining town of New Springs, Montana
Its 1884 and small wars rage all over the counties of the United States of America. Three main GANG factions stand out. The Lawdogs, a faction that has access to unique jobs and strives to keep the peace whilst breaking it. The Mexicans Bandits who lawless activities are now hidden under a cartel of businessmen and the Cowboys, made of hundreds of families across the whole country, these tough, rough warriors of the west are unlimited in their plans and scheme. There’s Trouble brewing and these three factions are about to show their hands…
The Lawdogs – Black neck chiefs – Start the game with unique jobs and are the only faction that can claim the alive reward on opposing factions wanted rewards and make arrests.
The Mexicans – Blue neck chiefs – These organised criminals have friends in low places. They can pull two cards and discard one when doing a card pull and get +1 token for a jail break.
The Cowboys – Red neck chiefs – Get two bandages but can’t have a Doc in their posse. They can still use the one in town or buy the services from another factions doc.
The Lawdogs gang will work out from a fixed hideout location just outside the town. Any other gangs will work from mobile hideouts. These hideouts can be moved around the site. The posse takes their camp flag down, puts it in their stash box and must set it up at a new location. It MUST remain at its new location for at least 60 mins. Every location will have a clock to work from including hideouts.
Each Hide out will have a faction flag/marker, a clock, a robbable ‘stash box’ and a locked safe box. Only gang members can open and use anything in the locked safe box. But all in game items in the stash box can be robbed. The box itself can’t be moved by anyone other than gang members.
All gang members must return to their hideout if they pull a black card pull to ‘regen’. If the hideout is under attack. You can however help to defend it.
So, what’s County Wars all about then?
County wars is a nonstop weekend or rootin, tootin airsoft set in the wild west. We have chosen our game to be place around 1884 and will be set in different counties each game. All players will be part of a gang or posse and have a camp or hide out somewhere on site. The game is all about making money for the Boss, then pissing it up the saloon wall with whiskey and gambling in the evening. The Boss is the chosen head of the gang.
The games won’t be historically accurate all the time but will feature historical things from funs. Costume needs to be of a good standard and only Airsoft Guns and larp weapons are ok to use.
NO BLANKS unless warn for show and unloaded. We can help out with clothing and have some revolvers we can lend out too.
Weapons allowed
Revolvers in keeping with wild west
Lever action rifles
Single or side by side Shotguns.
Single shot, period looking bolt actions (meaning you can only load them with one round at a time)
Period looking larp weapons.
HARD RULES for combat.
All Dudes start with 1 bandage/ 2 hits, Its consider all first hits ‘Just winged ya’ and a bandage is enough. On the second hit the dude needs to be seen by a Doc (red Bandage put on) or taken back to the ‘camp/HQ’ for a card draw to see if they’re gonna die/KIA from their wounds. Any player can heal the first hit by tying the injured player’s bandage to their arm. For in game reasons some players may get more bandages to use before a bead draw is needed.
• When shot the player calls out ‘I’M HIT’ and must fall to the ground. If they call for ‘HELP’ They must not be targeted and have surrendered out of the fight until healed (bandaged). Please try to re-act to location hits for effect.
• A shot player shouldn’t be targeted UNLESS they have called ‘I AINT DONE YET’ or try to crawl to safety. If shot whilst crawling you must call it, slump and stay on the ground for 10 seconds, then move off calling KIA. There is no limit to how far you can crawl however; you will bleed out in 5mins!
If they call out ‘I AINT DONE YET’ they may fire whilst prone or propped up next to a tree. If shot again, they will need a card draw and considered out of the game. You cant call this if its your last hit!
• Any dude can return to the camp or visit a Doc to be fully restored to full hits (all bandages taken off) but that will be at a cost.
• Dead players cannot give in game information to other players.
• If things are a bit you may take an immediate KIA! Just put your hand in the air and call ‘DEAD MAN WALKING’ and go get a card draw.
Getting back in the action
• If a dude can get to you they must tie one of your bandages to you wrist to make you live again. Moving wounded. One man with two hands or two men with one hand each can drag a wounded soldier to safety! (Docs have their own rule)
• All bandaging must be stationery and if either player is hit during the Medic or during the move, both must take another wound.
• A hit is anywhere on the body or the gun and ricochet must also be taken.
Explosive Pyro Affects – wounds ya!
• Small structures 5m x5m Whole building is cleared – inside only
• Large buildings – 5m hard cover has affect including floor to floor stair wells and corridors.
• 5m away – hard cover has affect – outside only
All wounded players have five minutes for a fellow dude to get to them before they bleed out and need a card draw or can crawl!
This is the hub of of ‘County Wars’ and is where the game breaths from. Here you will find eatin and drinkin houses, offices, the bank and many more in game plot threads such as the wanted board. The Town cannot be attacked and is classed as a safe zone. Unless ‘THE TOWN IS IN DANGER’ All guns must be left outside camp in the shack whilst the camp is ‘AT PEACE’!!
Camps/Hideouts are the base of operations for each Gang. These can be attacked and robbed. These are places where you can get returned to the game if shot out or simply plan your next action. All in game loot other than cash MUST be stashed until the end of the game. Then they can be returned. These boxes can be raided.
If your reduced to zero hits and would die, you get a chance to pull a card from the deck at the bank. Red your dead, Black your back. Back still means you need to role play being shot the hell out of or stabbed, but you don’t loose everything and need to take it easy for the rest of the event.
If you DIE the bank secures all your wealth and you need to start again with a new dude.
Starting Load outs
To keep thing fair and fun, each player starts with a ‘loud out’. These loadouts can be added to as the game progresses but are ridged when a player begins. You can buy Permits from the bank or travelling salesmen (CREW). You simply cant carry any more then you have permits for.
1. Gang member – New recruit
Starts with 1 Pistol permits.
Start with $20
2. Sharp Shooter –Rancher
Starts with a Rifle permit.
Starts with $10
3. Lawman – Badge wearer/ Government officials.
Starts with a rifle or a pistol permit.
Starts with $20
4. Doc
Doc can carry red bandages on them in their medic bad; these bandages represent 1 healed wound. To heal a wound the medic takes off the white bandage of an injured Dude and hands it back to them, then replaces it with 1 of the red ones. Only a visit the Sutlers Store can replen
By all means charge for your healin!
Starts with $20 and three red bandages. ONLY DOCS CAN TAKE BANDAGES OFF.
5. Miners – Must have 1 miner to take ore out of the ground.
Starts with a Permit to use Dynamite
Starts with a Permit for a Spade/Pick Axe (Larp)
Starts with $10
1 stick of Dynamite will injure (cause 1 wound) anyone within 5m of it. Mk4s only and they need to look like Dynamite!
For blowing stuff up a value will be allocated to how much Dynamite is needed, only a Miner can assess this ability.
Weapon Permits – you cannot carry a weapon unless you have a permit for it! RULE!! But can use one momentarily if in a fight (picked up melee weapon ONLY). See the Banker for permits.
Weapon Permits costs are needed if you have more than one weapon.
Pistol – $30
Rifle – $50
Shotgun – $30
Melee – Knife/Tommahawk FREE up to 12inches
Melee – up to 2ft – £15
Melee – up to 3ft – £20
Melee – over 3ft – £25
Larp weapons must look period, will be checked for safety and MUST NOT target the head! When hit with a larp weapon it is the same as being hit with a bullet and the dude ‘spang’d with a spade’ falls to the ground calling for help or will need help back to the camp.
How do you make Cash!!
All dudes start with some money and can use it for personnel gain or invest it with other dudes. The winning posse is the one with the most influence of the battlefield. This is achieved by buying influence chips from the bank or earning them from jobs and depositing them in ballet boxes set up at 3 to 5 key location. You make cash through jobs, robbing and gamberling.
Howdy Y’all. Welcome to County wars. A weekend of wild west battlefield style gaming with airsoft guns.
The idea of the game is to take control of the battlefield through public popularity. There are many ways to do this, cash, jobs and capturing locations to name a few. These (influence) poker chips are the taken to one of 3 to 5 ballet boxes set up at kry locations and deposited.
Capturing control locations and chips.
There will be key locations dotted all over the site. Each location will have a ballet box, a control post and a team flag. If you take control of this area (place you flag on the control post (if you don’t control it already) the location is taken, you can then put a colour poker chip of your team into the ballet box. At the end of the game, we will count up the chips to see who controls what. There are missions that also give you chips to put into ballet boxes to help boost you control and you can buy chips from the bank with in game cash.
The next one is job.
Jobs will include wanted posters (which will be a player) the wanted dude/s must survive for a fixed time and have a value. If the wanted dude survives, they can return to the bank and claim the reward for being ‘Falsely accused’!!. If captured and arrested or killed, the reward goes to the capturing side and again, is paid out by the bank.
Rob/Protect the payroll – the pay roll objectives becomes live at a fixed time no matter what else is going on. The lawdogs must try to escort it into town safely. If they succeed, they get paid. If robbed and then delivered by a different faction to the bank, they can claim the finders fee reward.
Mining and Claim jumping Mine strikes
To mine a strike you need a miner, you must defend the fixed mine strike location for 30 minutes. Clocks are set up at all the mine strikes and a box of gold bags will be there too. If successfully defended for 30 minutes, the miner can take 2 bags of gold. Once delivered to the bank, they receive payment for said bags of gold. If it’s a miner they will receive 20 x the pull of a card.
Claim jumping- Anyone however can try to claim jump a mine (not be a miner) the same rules apply however, after the 30 minutes, they can only take one bag of gold.
Anyone can hand in a bag of gold for 10 x the card pull.
Each player starts the game with a random posse card which if stolen, can be replenished for the posse locked box at their hideout. These cards can be looted from a downed players ‘loot pouch’. When enough Looted cards have been captured to make a 5-card stud hand, they can be taken to the bank and used to play against the banker. If you beat the banker, you receive $200
The Jail
If you get caught with more guns than the one you start the game with and don’t have a permit for these extra guns, the sheriff will arrest you and put you in the jail.
Also if you are wanted and get arrested by the lawdogs, they must escort to the jail too. To arrest someone, just put their bandage on them and say im arresting you. Once arrested the player puts their wrists together as if bound and must follow any simple instruction given until delivered to the jail.
You will keep all your guns on you as they would have been taken away however, no fast ones are allowed and you must play in the spirit of the game. If a friendly gang member can get to you and must pretend to cut your bonds. At that point you become free again. If killed by an enemy gang during the journey, that faction can try to claim the reward.
All players must remain in the jail for 20 minutes.
Jail break out.
Jail breakouts are allowed, and are very simple. If your gang members can take out the Jail guards, they can spring you from jail. If you can return to your hideout alive, you can take 2 chips from your gang lock box for the papers love a good breakout.
AND many more….
The way money works is simply, the bank will trade $ for in game items, permits or chips. The bank can be robbed. There will be a ‘Rob me’ box in the bank, if empty, someone has beaten you too it. However, other than for card pulls, the bank will close for 30 minutes. If the bag is returned, they is a $300 dollar reward but the stolen bag must be taken and put in the posse stash box at their camp for 30 minutes before it can be taken back in.
Buying chips of influence costs.
100 $ is 1 chip
200$ is 3 chips
300$ is 5 chips
The Saloon
Gambling is another way guys can try their luck and out play each other or try against the dealer in black jack. Games cant be rigged and if caught CHEATIN will be thrown out and forfeit the game. Not sayin don’t though The saloon cannot be robbed, and they can be no shootin in or out of it at any time.
However, when the main shootin game ends during the day, from 7pm on, the gambling house will be opened. Here in game cash is used to chance cards and make for cash for the following moring bank opening and chip buyin.
Sheriff’s office.
Wanted posters and lawdog missions will be organised through the Sheriffs office. The Sheriff cannot die and always pulls a black card, however if ‘knocked out of the game’ must take 10 mins to regen.
Regen is a simple process done after a card pull at the bank, if you pull a black card your back, you must immediately return to your hideout and cant get involved in any other part of the game. You can take your bandages off however until you have seen a doc. If you pull a red, your dead and hand over all your in game money and items to the bank/undertakers and start as a new dude.
All players have upkeep to meet every event (cost of living) Which is only $25 but if they spend all their money and can’t pay it at the end of the event they will be run out of town. for every member run out of town, the faction will lose 5 chips from their overall influence.
Player LOOT pouches.
Every player must have a loot pouch/pocket that all their stealable in game items must go. Cash and their posse card.
Other stuff.
There may be themed saloons and kitchens being run off the backs of those doing it so please make sure you support them as much as poss. The food will be out of this world and booze will be served in keeping…yeeehaw. Real world money will be needed for this in the manor of honesty jars…DON’T TAKE THE PISS!!
All pistols must be holstered and rifles put in a safe place outside of shooting times.
No heavy drinking and no drinking alcohol during shooting time and anyone out of order or out of hand will go home and not be allowed back so be sensible guys ;(
All Airsoft guns must be unloaded and put away during the social nights. I for one will replace my Airsoft pistol with an unloaded blank firing revolver.
Every man starts the game with 20 shots – Bullets/shells for shotgun etc…
Ammo restrictions. REAL STEAL! Means if your gun would only hold 6rnds then that’s all they can hold. NO speed loaders push the rounds in by thumb only.
No Guns can fire over 350fps.
Most importantly, have a bloody good time!!!


Gunman Airsoft Eversley – Alpha Site
Gunman Airsoft Eversley, The Welsh Dr
Hook, Hampshire RG27 0PX United Kingdom


07711 774401


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